Hamahanot Haolim

(Immigrants' Camps)
   Israeli youth movement founded in 1927 by pupils of the Herzliya High School in Tel Aviv. Based on socialist Zionist ideology, it worked to indoctrinate the youth of the Yishuv, especially the new immigrant (see ALIYA) youth, toward the principles of halutziyut (pioneering), settlement on the land—especially the kibbutz—equality and cooperation, the value of labor, and mutual aid. A key component of the movement's philosophy was the concept of shnat sherut, whereby members dedicated part of the last year of their high school studies to group activities, often volunteering at Nahal units establishing new kibbutzim or other settlements in Israel's hinterlands. In 1930, the movement joined with the Scouts Legion from Jerusalem, Petah Tikvah, and Haifa, and it became affiliated in 1931 with the Kibbutz Hameuhad (United Kibbutz) Movement within the framework of the Histadrut. In 1956, the movement united with the Dror (Freedom) youth movement and adopted the name Dror Hamahanot Haolim. In 1980-81, it affiliated with Ihud Habonim to form Habonim-Dror as a result of the creation of Hakatam (United Kibbutz Movement). It then resumed the use of its original name.

Historical Dictionary of Israel. .

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